WasabiCon Idol Showcase Registration Form
The WasabiCon 2019 Idol Showcase will take place Saturday, October 19th, at 12:00 PM in the Main Events room. The showcase will feature local dance groups who will be lip syncing and presenting stage performances from J-Pop, K-Pop, Anime, and Video Game idol groups.

If you would like to participate, you must read all of the rules below before filling out the WasabiCon Idol Showcase Registration Form.

1. ONLY ONE PERFORMANCE PER GROUP. We want to open the opportunity to perform to as many idol groups as possible and - while we're excited to see your group perform - we want to make sure we have time for everyone.

2. ALL PERFORMERS MUST BE REGISTERED ATTENDEES OF THE CONVENTION. We don't offer comp passes for anyone participating in the WasabiCon Idol Showcase. All participants must have a valid pass to WasabiCon 2019 in order to be allowed to take part in the performance.

3. PERFORMANCES MUST BE THEMED TO IDOL GROUPS SPECIFICALLY. While there are a variety of pop music dance genres, this showcase is limited specifically to Asian-style idol groups such as AKB48, BLACKPINK, BTS, and Love Live!

4. ALL PERFORMANCES MUST NOT EXCEED A PG-13 RATING. WasabiCon is a convention designed to feature content for all ages. While we may offer some 18+ events, they are tightly regulated and are offered in the evening. The Idol Showcase is designed to be presented for all ages.

5. ALL PERFORMANCES MUST BE UNDER 6 MINUTES. As previously stated, we want to allow the opportunity for as many idol groups as possible to perform, and as such we must insist on a performance time of less than 6 minutes per group.

6. LIP SYNCING ONLY; NO SINGING. Microphones will not be provided to anyone performing in the showcase. Performers are welcome to bring their own headsets and stage microphones, but they will not be connected to our a/v.

7. INDIVIDUALS MAY ONLY PERFORM IN ONE GROUP. We love your passion for idol groups, but each individual may only register and perform with one idol group.

8. GROUPS MUST BE LIMITED TO 9 OR LESS PERFORMERS. The stage in Main Events measures twelve (12) feet by twenty-four (24) feet. Performers are limited in order to make sure everyone has room to move.

9. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST FILL OUT AND SUBMIT A WASABICON IDOL SHOWCASE CONSENT AND RELEASE FORM. In order to be allowed to perform, each member of each idol group must have a completed WasabiCon Idol Showcase Consent and Release form on file. Participants under the age of 18 must also include a photocopy of a parent's/guardian's drivers license or government issued I.D. Card.
The form can be downloaded here: https://WasabiCon.com/WasabiCon2019Idol.pdf

10. ALL MUSIC MUST BE SUBMITTED AHEAD OF TIME IN MP3 FORMAT. Music must also be edited to the exact start and stop time of your group's performance. Instructions for submitting your music will be provided upon review/approval of your application.

11. CALL TIME FOR ALL PERFORMANCE GROUPS IS 11:30 AM ON SATURDAY, THE 19TH, IN MAIN EVENTS. All performers must be present in order to receive blocking and presentation instructions.

Thanks for wanting to be a part of WasabiCon. We look forward to reviewing your group!

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