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Creative Writing Minor Requirements

For English Majors

The Creative Writing minor for English majors allows a student to take 4 creative writing classes. This increases the total number of required courses for the English Major from 10 to 14. A typical course of study for this option is:

1 Theory course

3 Pre-1800 courses

4 Creative Writing courses (at 3000 level or above). For policy on cross-listed Communications writing courses, cut and paste the following link into your browser:

6 Literature Electives (At 3000 level or above.) 2 of these courses may be Cognate Courses.

For Non-English Majors

The minor in Creative Writing, available to students in majors other than English, will consist of:

1. Four (4) four-credit courses which must be drawn from 3000-level and above English Creative Writing courses.

For policy on cross-listed Communications writing courses, cut and paste this link into your browser:

Independent studies, approved by the Director of Creative Writing, are also accepted.

Please note: Students minoring in Creative Writing may count no more than 2 courses [or 8 credits] applicable to the Creative Writing minor for their major.

2. Two (2) advanced courses (3000-level and above) in Literature offered through the English department. Cognate Courses (3000-level and above) and meeting literature requirements in the Classics department, the Literary Studies program or the Modern Languages department may be utilized to fulfill this requirement.
Please carefully review the Creative Writing Minor course requirements above and list any courses completed in the minor so far. Include course number and title. *
e.g. ENGL 3013 Fiction Writing / Arc of the Novel. If no Creative Writing minor courses have been completed, type "None."
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