Individual Therapy Evaluation
We are very interested to know whether the therapy services you received at Psychological Services of St. Louis was helpful to you. We are constantly trying to improve the services we provide. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. We are deeply appreciative of your input.
My therapist was: *
Therapy helped me get through a hard time. *
I learned some skills in therapy that help me deal with my problems better. *
I learned important things about my problems or circumstances in therapy. *
I learned important things about myself in therapy. *
Compared to before therapy, I feel _______ about myself. *
Compared to before therapy, I think my mental health ________. *
Compared to before therapy, the problems that brought me to therapy occur __________. *
Compared to before therapy, if/when I experience problems, I feel ___________. *
Regarding what I needed from therapy, I feel I __________ what I needed. *
I ___________ the approach my therapist took. *
What I particularly liked about my therapy experience:
What I did not like about my therapy experience:
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