Kick Bot "Kick Off" - speedrunning tournament in Louisville, KY (Date TBD) - hosted by Two Scoop Games!
Hi there, we are Two Scoop Games, a 2-person indie game studio based out of Louisville, Kentucky! We are working on a game called Kick Bot where you wall jump, slide, and dash past dozens of devious robot-crushing obstacles with only two buttons!

You can find out more about Kick Bot here:

Kick Bot has been compared to Super Meat Boy, Celeste, N++, and VVVVVV, all of which have a dedicated speedrunning audience. We keep hearing "You should get this game in front of speedrunners!" when we demo Kick Bot at shows across the midwest, so here we go!


No level of expertise required it's a new game so people will have to learn it anyway. If you know anyone in the area I would love to get in touch with them to get advice, attendees, and players.

Full disclosure, we have not run a speedrunning tournament before, so we need feedback from the community to make it a success - that's where you come in!
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Super Meat Boy, Celeste, N++, and VVVVVV etc
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