High School Remote Learning Needs Assessment
Over the past week, the staff at Woodland Park School District worked behind the scenes to create a plan for remote learning which is set to begin March 31st and run through April 17th.

As we finalize our plans, we ask that parents or guardians complete this needs assessment survey for each student in your household. Our support teams will then work over Spring Break to create systems that address specific needs.

Remote learning plans and methods for addressing identified needs will be communicated at the end of Spring Break, as we enter our remote learning phase.
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Our remote learning plans include communication, live lessons/student check-ins, and assignment/assessment submission through the use of technology. We understand limitations may exist with this method of delivery and hope to mitigate concerns to the best of our abilities. Please respond to the following questions for the student listed above.
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Initial resource planning for the District includes meals for students and supports from our student services team. On March 30th, each student will receive a call from their advisory teacher to check-in on further needs and answer questions. In the meantime, Community Partnership (http://www.cpteller.org or (719) 686-0705) stands by to assist families with needs.
Grab & Go Lunch/Breakfast starting March 30th with stops at Gateway Elementary, Summit Elementary, and Florissant (TBD) *
Support call needed from the school counselor or school social worker when they return March 30th or 31st *
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