826DC Workshop Proposals
Thank you so much for bringing your talents and ideas to 826!
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Please include the names and emails of all workshop leaders!
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What is the title of your proposed workshop? *
Send us a few ideas, or just let us know the subject of the workshop and we'll go from there.
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How many students are ideal for this workshop? *
We typically run workshops with 15 students, but we can do slightly smaller (8-12 students) or larger (no more than 30).
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What age range is best for this workshop? *
If this workshop can work for multiple age groups, check those that apply. Check all that apply.
How many sessions will your workshop run? *
Our workshops typically run between one and six sessions.
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What will be the focus and learning goal(s) of the workshop? *
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What will students complete by the end of the workshop? *
Final products can range from a finished short story or poem to a 'zine, a series of Tweets, a short video, performance, map, or really, just about anything.
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Please include a one-to-two paragraph description of your workshop that we can use to advertise on our website. *
Make this catchy and compelling - you're pitching the workshop to prospective students! And, families! See examples on our current workshop schedule.
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Please include a one-to-three sentence workshop leader bio. *
Our students and families want to know about you! This can be serious and/or a little silly, but be sure to include information that's relevant to you teaching this workshop. See examples on our current workshop schedule!
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Which of the following dates will work for you to teach this workshop? *
Please check as many dates as you can that will work for you. If you are proposing a multi-session workshop, please check all the dates that you would need.
How many hours will each session of your workshop run? *
Typically, a session runs 1-2 hours. Make only one, por favor!
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