Campfire Communion 5/12
Gather on the Hope Lutheran Church lawn, at 4201 Guilford Drive for a service of prayer, Communion, and Christian fellowship. All are welcome, with 50 max. participants adhering to safety measures.
Food and lawn games begin at 6:30pm
Communion starts at 8:00pm
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Safety Measures
· Masks must be worn at all times, covering the mouth and nose
· Momentary mask exceptions for eating and drinking
· Communion will be provided in individual, pre-packaged containers of grape juice and Eucharist wafers
· You're welcome to bring your own grape drink and bread food, especially if you want gluten-free bread
· We will adhere to College Park and Prince George's County restrictions, currently a max. of 50 participants
· We will adhere to weather safety precautions, including cancelling or rescheduling as needed in inclement weather
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Papusa Order
Everyone gets 3 papusas. If you want multiples of any variety, (ex. 2 cheese only) note it in the "other" section
Food Restrictions or Sensitivities?
We will get in contact about possible alternatives, ex. rice flour for gluten-free or cheese-free for dairy-free
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