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Since June 2005, we have had the pleasure of working with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. We live near Cincinnati, Ohio while Fr. Pacwa resides in 'EWTNland' near Irdondale, Alabama.

Thanks to modern technology, working long distance isn't as hard as it used to be!

We are so blessed to have the opportunity of visiting Catholics from coast to coast, making new friends each weekend as Father preaches the Gospel.

Linda King, Events Manager and Ray King, Event Staff

(For any questions about Father's own apostolate, Ignatius Productions, visit

Let Kings Servants, LLC help bring Fr. Pacwa to your event
Before you complete your request:
We now are accepting 2018 event invitations only for the following months:
May June July November

Complete the following online form for your event request
The last box on the bottom of this form is where you can give us any additional requests, talk themes, etc.
We will review and respond to you via email

*Fr. Pacwa is limiting the number of 'weekend' speaking events he can accept. Therefore we are unable to consider day or evening business meetings or fundraising dinners, we will be accepting few invitations to be part of conferences that run two to three days..

*'Weekend' is defined as Father travels to your city on Friday, gives a conference on Saturday and must travel back to Birmingham on Sunday (based on flight availability).

*Please understand that the Event Sponsor is responsible for the following costs for both Father Pacwa and an Event Staff member:

*Kings Servants, LLC nonrefundable Booking Fee and Event Fee at end of event
*Fr. Pacwa's Speaking Stipend
*Travel Expenses (flights and/or mileage reimbursement)
*Weekend Event Transportation
*All Weekend Meals
*Weekend Overnight Accommodations

NOTE: The average cost of an Event could be $3,500 to $4,000.

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