Bay Area Homeless Services Success Story Submission Form

We are thrilled you are submitting a Bay Area Homeless Services (BAHS) success story. Our goal is to showcase our BAHS organization and earn the trust of our funders. Your contribution in submitting this success story will describe the extent of the impact that the BAHS had or is having on our clients and community. Thank you so much for your support!

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6/12/23 *
Name of Client (feel free to use an alias) *
Success Criteria *
Describe the context about the success that will be shared in the story. For example, what was the client's situation before entering into BAHS? Provide engaging details if possible.
What BAHS services and experiences were provided that led to the client's success?
Articulate the impact that BAHS had on the client(s). For example, what experience did the BAHS make in the client's life? What changed? 
Add a quote from the client if available. A quote might be something like, "I am so grateful to have this shelter in this time of need."
Name of the person submitting this success story information. Feel free to send a picture to In the subject line of the email, be sure and include the name of the person that this success story is about. Also, feel free to include your contact information if there is more information that you would like to share. *
Feel free to add any other additional information.
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