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The purpose of the Deep Education for Ecology and Participation - Training (DEEP-T) programme is to provide informal grassroots education to young people. The opening theme of this programme is European Green Deal as an overarching framework to deal with climate change and other relevant topics and issues. Some of the topics to be explored during the Deep-T education programme are: EU Green Deal, ecological and economic crisis, sustainable cities, zero waste and circular economy, degrowth, permaculture, collective living, the importance of cultural diversity...
Our approach uses the primary pedagogical tools of ecological literacy and social ecology: ecological literacy through the lenses of social ecology means understanding economic, political and ecological processes as interconnected.
This youth exchange project opens a space where youth empower and educate each other.
We are looking for participants between 18 and 30 years old residents in Germany, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia and Spain to take part in this project.
The project will cover travel, accommodation and food costs.
DEEP-T will take place in a town close to Udine (Italy) between Thursday 5 May and Friday 13 May 2022.
For some additional information regarding the curricula, the costs and logistics, please read this document:
If you are interested please fill out this form.
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For this project we can accept application only for people between 18 and 30 year old at May 2022.
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