Celebration July 4 Parade Application

Due to the nature and logistics of our parade, we ask that no political collateral, messaging or signage be present in the parade.

Event Date: Tuesday, July 4
Parade Start Time: 9:00 a.m.
Parade Application Deadline: Sunday, June 25 by 11:59 p.m.

The parade will begin at Celebration Town Hall (851 Celebration Ave) and end at Lakeside Park (631 Sycamore St).  Parade staging will take place along Starling Drive and Celebration Ave beginning at 7:30 a.m. All parade groups must be in place by 8:30 a.m.

Contact us at (407)-566-1200 or via email at townhall@ciramail.com with any questions or concerns.

Please email specific parade group location requests to townhall@ciramail.com.
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Group/Organization Name *
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Phone Number *
Official Contact Person Name *
Please describe your entry type (marchers, vehicles, or parade float).

Kindly include the estimated number of marchers, the number and description of any vehicles, and/or a description of your float.

NOTE: Any vehicles not participating in the parade cannot be parked in the staging area.  All participating vehicles will be required to obtain an identifying mirror hang tag from Town Hall beginning June 27.
Will you provide your own music? *
Are you planning to hand out any items along the parade route? 

Note: All items must be preapproved by CROA.  Due to safety concerns any items approved must be handed out directly to spectators and can not be thrown into the crowd.  Any group that violates this policy will not be allowed in future parades.
What items (if any) are you planning to pass out during the parade? *
During the parade, the DJ will announce each group. 

Please provide a brief description of your group or entry below.
Parade entries should promote and align with promotion of the community and the Home Owners Association. Entries are not expected to be perceived as controversial and possibly negatively affect any of the purposes of the parade. A decision on whether to accept an entry will be based on overall consideration of both the positive and possible negative effects. Parade entries will comply with the guidelines that follow. CROA reserves the right to determine if entry applications are in the best interest of Celebration and its residents. Any parade-day deviations from the originally accepted application, violations of the stated guidelines or inappropriate behavior could result in your unit’s exclusion from the parade.

To agree, please type your name below.
All entries should incorporate the theme of the parade/holiday. ▪ Exceptions for unique entries with strong visual appeal OR for entries which engage with and entertain spectators are made by CROA. 

NO HANDOUTS and NO ITEMS are to be handed out along the parade route or in the assembly/dispersal areas, unless approved prior to the event. 

Identification banners are encouraged to accompany each unit. Entries which are primarily issue oriented, either directly or indirectly, or which are intended primarily for individual or organizational gain, will not be accepted. 

If music or sound is used, it must be stated on the application and volume must be adjustable.

By completing this application, I hereby acknowledge that I/We will abide by all rules and polices set forth. 

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