State Concert Contest - April 13-15, 2020
Summary -
Confirming Probable Entries - A commitment will have to be made by December1, 2019,

State Concert Contest - The AAA Board approved sending the ballot to you and your administers to vote on the proposal. Ballot will be posted soon.

Proposal - Arkansas State Concert Contest

Qualifications: High School Ensembles that earn a 1st or 2nd Division at Region Concert Assessment

When: Date - 41st week - April 13-14-15, 2020

Cost: $350 plus the cost of an audio recording that would be handled through an independent contractor that would secure mechanical rights to the recordings.

Schools that earn a 1st Division at State Marching and Concert Contest would receive a State Level Sweepstakes Award (each school would have to pay for this award).

In addition, ensembles would have the option to be considered for Honor Ensemble in their classification. It would NOT be a requirement to participate in the Honor Ensemble Track. To enter, each school would be required to obtain permission from their administration to ensure their administration understands the responsibilities of being selected. This could be done via signature on the application.

Rationale: This system allows all of the Honor Ensemble Performances to be judged in real time. Each ensemble can be heard in the same venue, with the same acoustics. With the current system, not everyone has the opportunity to perform in quality venues with high quality recording equipment. This will help level the playing field acoustically. This will also allow the judges to have musical scores available while they are evaluating the ensembles. This will help make the Honor Ensemble process more educational for EVERYONE involved. Judges will be able to provide feedback, and give each educator tools to improve their teaching techniques.

• The Awards Ceremony for said classification immediately follow its conclusion
• Plaques for each ensemble that earns a First Division composite rating
• Reserve Honor Ensemble (2nd Place)
• Honor Ensemble –This ensemble would receive an invitation to perform at the State Concert Contest the following year. Each Honor Ensemble would perform at the end of their classification before the awards. This ensemble would only be able to play their contest program for comments and an ASBOA rating. They would also have the right to add 2 selections to their program that would not be judged. If the director of the ensemble changes, the Reserve Ensemble
would be given the opportunity to perform as the Honor Ensemble.

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