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Volo Press Books is still fielding requests for partnerships. As a Volo Press Books partner, you would be called upon to help with the portion of the publishing process that you are an expert in. This includes ghostwriting, developmental editing, copy editing, cover design, print formatting, digital formatting, proofreading, and promotion. Our rates are competitive, but be sure that you accept them before submitting a request. Thanks!
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Rates and Terms
As Volo Press is hired for publishing projects, an email will be sent out to our business partners at each stage of the process. For example, if a client has an idea, but no manuscript written yet, all professionals listed under 'Ghostwriters' will be notified of the job and told the total pay for the project. The first one to reply to the email and agree to the given terms will be given the project. Once the ghostwriting is completed and the client is satisfied, payment will be delivered via Zelle, CashApp, or money order.

Please understand that Volo Press Books is only recently offering publishing services to the public. This means that there is not yet (nor can there ever be guaranteed) a steady stream of work. One month we may have three people starting projects, then we might go two months without a project. Volo Press Books projects are not capable of and are not meant to be your sole source of income, so please do not expect this.

The following rates apply unless otherwise notified. Example project payment (in parentheses) is a 40,000-word novel.

♥ Ghostwriting: $0.20 per word ($8,000)
♥ Developmental Editing: $0.03 ($1,200)
♥ Copy Editing: $0.04 ($1,600)
♥ Digital Formatting: $0.02 ($800)
♥ Print Formatting: $0.03 ($1,600)
♥ Cover Design: $200 (just the cover image, not the formatting of the wrap)
♥ Proofreading: $0.01 per word ($400)
♥ Promotion: Bids will be requested and the best one accepted.

Unless otherwise specified due to special circumstances, payments will be delivered after the review of your work for a particular project. After this form is received, you will receive either an exam or a request for portfolio submission (both, in some cases). If your work is satisfactory, you will move on to the last step of the vetting process.

Thank you for considering working with Volo Press Books.

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