PIMON 5 Million COINS Giveaway

Hurry Now and Buy.

1 PIMON = $0.20
Minumum Purchase =$20
Bonus = 10%

PIMONCOIN will be valued above $1 after The ICO


PIMONCOIN is a token, based on the Ethereum Blockchain for Payments and Investments.

Its vision is to take crypto investment to the next level, Provide Solution to loss of investors funds in crypto currency.

By investing funds into real life assets that yields profits. Such that investors are sure of their monthly return on investments. It also allows its owners to invest their funds by lending, in the foreign exchange market, transport sector, mineral resources, food products, real estates , to buy and sell at lightening speed. What makes PIMONCOIN different is that it has value tie to real life assets, Users would be also able to get funds as dividend from these investments.


One of the reasons you need to buy PIMON is to be able to have enough PIMON that can afford you the opportunity to invest in the investment platform in the future and to have some for other uses.

Investing in PIMONCOIN not only puts you among the first investors of PIMON.

You also gain by Purchasing, you make more than 100% of your investment by the time the ico ends, You have the opportunity of investing your funds also in the lending platform after the ico, Unsold coins would be given as dividend to investors.


For further inquiries please write to us via email: info@pimoncoin.com


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