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Will you be able to take your foster pet to our veterinarian if necessary?
(If your RPM foster pet needs veterinary attention, RPM will direct you on where to go and will cover all authorized veterinary costs)
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Please indicate your understanding and agreement with the following statements.
I understand that RPM is permitted to transport only pets from BARC. We are otherwise NOT an intake or local adoption organization. Not only will we lose our relationship with the City if we transport non-BARC pets, there are too many factors that go into whether we would even be able to find rescue for a found pet in Colorado. Therefore, if you find a stray pet, please understand that we cannot take that pet in. We will do our best to give you advice on what to do with a found pet, but we are unable to take it into our transport program.

I understand that RPM does NOT make any guarantees regarding the age, nature, temperament, or health of dogs and cats in RPM's foster program. I assume all risks and responsibility once he/she is in my care and that RPM is not in any way responsible for such costs incurred.

I understand that I am solely responsible for the care of my foster dog/cat and I mustn't allow anyone else to care for them ("re-foster") without first emailing RPM's foster coordinators at and receiving their knowledge and consent.
Please indicate your understanding and agreement to this policy by typing “YES” in the following blank: *
RPM estimates it has at least $1500.00 invested in each dog which represents a fair, reasonable and appropriate estimate of damages for the dog only should you fail to release the foster dog back to RPM on or before their travel date.
Please indicate your understanding and agreement that your RPM foster pet must be returned to RPM by typing “YES” in the following blank: *
Finally, this is the most important thing to which you will agree if you foster with RPM, so please read the following carefully and indicate your consent to follow this no-exceptions policy.
The pets you foster with RPM are ALREADY COMMITTED in Colorado the day they enter your home. They may not and cannot be adopted locally. We understand the attachment foster parents have with their foster pets, and we are thankful that you care so much. However, we place our Colorado relationships at risk when we attempt to keep a promised pet in Houston. This policy is not a reflection on how we feel about you as a foster; we promise it is not personal. It is a policy that must be enforced if RPM is to remain successful. If you feel you will not be able to let go of your foster at the end of his or her time with you, we advise you that fostering for RPM is most likely not a good match. At the end of their stay with you, these pets must be placed on the van and transported to Colorado.
Please indicate your understanding and agreement to this policy by typing “YES” in the following blank: *
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