Quick and Easy Climate Change Survey
Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with us. You're helping to ensure that Hempoffset.com delivers the products and services that matter most to you. Together, we'll stop climate change and build a better world for all.
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How concerned are you about climate change? *
Not at all concerned.
Downright anxious.
How confident are you in your government's ability to help stop climate change? *
Not at all confident.
They're all over it.
How confident are you in the United Nations' ability to lead the fight against climate change? *
Not at all confident.
The UN has this.
Are you aware of your carbon footprint (average CO2 emissions per person for your country, measured in tons)? *
Are you aware of hemp's ability to take large quantities of CO2 from the air as it grows? *
Do you know that the industrial crop, hemp is not the same thing as the drug, cannabis? *
What's stopping you from offsetting your carbon footprint? *
How did you hear about Hempoffset.com? *
In what country do you live? *
Any comments or questions about climate change or Hempoffset.com?
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