SHe CISO Exec. Scholarship Application Form
Congratulations on taking a step towards learning cybersecurity! Thank you for showing your interest to participate in the next SHe CISO Exec. boot camp to be held on 30th November to 04th December 2020 from 12.30 to17.30 GMT.

In order to be considered for a SHe CISO Exec. scholarship, you will need to submit the below application to the SHe CISO Exec. Scholarship committee before 15th November 2020 23:59 GMT (London Time). Award/No Award scholarship notifications will be emailed to the address you provide.

- Above 18 years of age and have completed high school or equivalent
- Have a good ability to understand, read and write in the English language (Course will be conducted in English).

Scholarship recipients will be selected by the members of the SHe CISO Exec. Advisory board and scholarship sponsors (if applicable).
Scoring will be based upon three categories:
- Passion
- Merit
- Scholarship necessity
- LinkedIn profile.

- Your details may be shared with the SHe CISO Exec. advisory members and the boot camp volunteers
- Not all applicants will receive a 100% scholarship
- Scholarships are a one-time award and must be re-applied for each year
- Scholarship awards will not be granted as cash rewards and cannot be transferred
- We only collect personal information from you in order to process your scholarship.

All scholarships are administered by SHe CISO Exec. advisory board members.

Any queries associated with with this form or the SHe CISO Exec. boot camp should be directed to Link to the SHe CISO privacy policy
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