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This form is divided into:

- General information
- COVID protocols
- Contacts and personal data
- Activities
- Accommodation
- Transport
- Health & Wellness
- Combined and orders
- Terms and conditions of cancellation



* Avoid filling this form with the mobile phone, because there is more chance of making a mistake!

* After you fill out this form, we will send you an email (within 4 days) with information on how to pay by PayPal - your spot is only guaranteed after confirmation of the payment.

* You may be put on a waiting list if the demand is too high and we run out of vacancies.


>>>>>>>>>> DATES

From 12 to 18 July, 2022
From Tuesday to Monday

>>>>>>>>>> LOCATION

Piracanga - Maraú - BA - BRASIL
Site: https://www.unah.eco/


More information on the site: https://musicadocirculo.com/retiro
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Email *
The use of masks will be optional for each participant and we will adopt the following guidelines for the space that will welcome us:
- Presentation of proof of vaccination or negative PCR test 48 hours in advance.
👍 By selecting this option, you declare to be aware of these measures in relation to the pandemic *
Full name *
📱 Phone / Whatsapp *
We'll create a group on WhatsApp. Do you want to be in this group? *
The purpose of this group is to share information relevant to our collective organization and to get to know each other
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🎂 Date of birth *
People under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian or send by e-mail a signed authorization letter.
What languages do you speak? *
👕 T-shirt size *
😀 Have you ever participated in  Música do Circulo’s Retreat? *
🤔 How did you hear about the Retreat?
*Below you will find details about the prices ​​and payments for both accommodation and retreat activities.

*Payments for activities and accommodation will be made separately.
🌱🎶🌀 Activity Prices
>>>Within 4 days after submitting the form, you will receive payment information. If you do not receive this message, please let us know: retiromdc@gmail.com

>>>Your place will only be guaranteed after confirmation of the first payment for Música do Círculo and it is important to remember that we have a limit of places and they are filled in order of payment. We suggest that you make yours as soon as possible.

*The value of your registration can be paid in up to 3 installments, respecting that the last installment must be paid until the beginning of the Retreat. This installment option is only for people paying in Brazil.

*Former participant has 10% discount!
Activity Prices
Until May 05
US$ 330

US$ 297
After May 06 to May 25
US$ 390

US$ 351
After May 26
US$ 440

US$ 396

❤️ Would you like to make a contribution to fund the participation of educators from social projects in the Retreat?
In the last editions of Musica do Circulo’s Retreat we managed to raise donations to fund the participation of teachers and artists working in social projects. It has been very good!

The idea is to be able to contribute with these participants so they can get in touch with Música do Circulo and to be able to inspire, to transform and to improve even more their respective contexts of professional performance.

We can only fund their participation if we can raise enough to pay the costs of bringing them.
Show us how much you would like to donate:
This amount will be added to the registration fee.
Clear selection
🌱🌙🛏 Prices of Accommodation
Payment for accommodation will be made directly with Piracanga.

The reservation will be made directly with them, in the link we will send you after receiving your registration and the amount can be paid in up to 6 installments.

There will be different types of accommodation, from shared dormitories for up to 8 people to a single suite.

To see some photos visit: http://www.unah.eco

*No need to bring bed linen or towels.
*Food is included in the prices: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Accommodation Prices
Prices per person:

Collective dormitory (up to 8 people): BRL 900.00

Cabin (2 people): BRL 990.00

Triple / Quadruple Suite: BRL 1,320.00

Double suite: BRL 1,440.00

Individual private suite: BRL 1,890.00

Suite for a couple: BRL 2,400.00 (especially in this case, this value considers both people)
Select the type of accommodation you want: *
Would you like to stay with someone specific in the lodging? Who? *
Do you think you snore during the night? *
As soon as we receive your application, we will send you an email with all the necessary information, including transportation. But to be aware:

You must buy an air ticket arriving in Ilhéus on the morning of 07/12/2022. Once you make the purchase, send us an email with flight details.

From the airport to Piracanga we will have the help of a land transport company with the round trip value of:
R$ 260 per person in a car with 4 people
R$ 300 per person in a car with 3 people
R$ 225 per person in a car with 2 people
R$ 450 per person in a car with 1 person

We will forward the PIX key and schedule after sending the air ticket data.
👀 Do you have any food restrictions or allergies? If so, can you tell a little bit about it? *
At the Retreat the food will be vegan.
🕵️ Do you have any health conditions to watch out for? *
Any mobility restrictions? Consider that some suites are a bit more distant and with a bit of a climb.
Do you have health insurance? What are the details? *
⚠️ Contact in case of emergency: *
(Name, telephone number, relationship)
📸 Image Rights
During the retreat, we will have people in charge of recording the activities. This material will then be shared with participants and will be available for use in the advertising of upcoming retreats.
🙌 By selecting this option, you are agreeing with the image rights agreement. *
⚠️ Cancellation and Refund
FROM MÚSICA DO CÍRCULO (related to activities):
- Up to 30 days before the beginning of the retreat we refund the entire amount, only deducting financial transaction fees.

- Between 30 and 16 days before the beginning of the retreat, we refund 70% of the amount paid.

- With 15 days the beginning of the retreat notice or less, the amount paid will not be refunded, but 90% of this amount can be used as credit for other activities of Música do Círculo in the period of 12 months.

- If the reason for cancellation is due to a positive test for COVID 19, please contact the production department by email: retiromdc@gmail.com to arrange the return of the amount (less financial fees) or credit for activities within a period of 12 months.

FROM UNAH PIRACANGA (regarding accommodation):
After making your payment, you have:
- 7 DAYS: to cancel your reservation WITHOUT COST and receive 100% of the amount back.

- AFTER 7 DAYS: You can choose between:
Receive 100% of the amount paid in credit with us (credit valid for 12 months)
Receive 70% of the amount paid in refund (in your bank account), option not available for reservations on holidays.

Note: after checking in, the amounts are no longer refundable.
👍 By selecting this option, you are agreeing with the cancellation agreement. *
☝️ Doubts, questions, comments, suggestions?
Did you have something to tell us? Enjoy this last field to share or ask what you want. See you soon. If you prefer, write directly to Pati, who is taking care of the production: retiromdc@gmail.com
🎈 Facebook/Instagram Community
If you want to start interacting with participants, join this facebook group

Retiro da Música do Círculo - Musica do Circulo's Retreat (membros/members)

Also follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/musicadocirculo/
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