Uncommon Ground Coffee Chats
We are glad you are interested in knowing more about these Coffee Chats.  

These coffee chats are informal yet intentional conversations with a campus or Brookings community member who has a different view of the world than you do.  That difference may be obvious or subtle; deep, or closer to the surface.  It may be explicitly religious, philosophical, or political in nature. 

Whatever it is, we want to help cultivate the ability to have meaningful conversations with those who disagree.  We aim for rational and interesting discussion, in which you share, actively listen, and genuinely grow in your understanding of one another and hopefully the truth.

Conversation, not confrontation.  Discussion, not debate.  

If this sounds good to you, please fill out the following form with your info, and we'll be in touch soon.  We will pair you up with someone whose perspective is different than yours, and then you'll receive more info about how to proceed (a cheat sheet of how each of the two meetings can/should be).  It is structured, yet flexible for it to still feel like a simple cup of coffee with someone you're starting to get to know.  
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Please answer as accurately as you can so we can pair with the best dialogue partner we can.
None of these questions will be made public in any way.  Likewise, none of these topics/issues are required to be discussed with whomever you are paired with.  These are for pairing purposes only - it may be, in fact, that you don't discuss any of the following topics.
The Afterlife:   There are many ways to get to heaven... *
God:   All religions, though with differences, lead to the same God. *
Morality:   All religions, though with differences, teach the same basic truths about life. *
Authority:   The Bible, and therefore God, has the right to determine and define everything about me, including sexuality, sin, and purpose. *
Evil:   All humans deserve justice from God because we all have sinned against him. *
Truth:   The Bible does *not* have one single meaning, because different interpreters will find different meanings. *
Sexuality & Gender:   There are more than two genders.  There is no set "binary".
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Confidence Level:   How confident do you feel in your beliefs as stated above? *
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Meeting Description
Practically, what does a "Coffee Chat" look like?  Once you submit this form, we will connect with you shortly afterward and set up the first meeting.  It's easy & informal.  
In a nutshell, the model is three, 60-90 minute meetings with your conversation partner (who will be paired for you).  The flexible outline of what your meetings can look will be sent to you shortly. 

P.S. We provide FREE coffee (or tea, pop...whatever) anywhere on campus, for each of the three meetings.  If you choose to meet more after the third meeting, the coffee dries up, so to speak.  :)  

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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