Chibi Chibi Con Panel Application 2019
Panel submissions open!

This is a first-come-first-serve process. We will contact you when you have been approved. Please note: The Dating Game and Lip-Sync Contest are both main stage events for 2019 and will not be approved as panels.

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Share one of your social media platforms with us! We may be able to promote it when we advertise CCC.
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We have a CCC Discord we use to keep in touch with everyone working events and volunteering before/during con, so if possible, please drop your Discord handle here. You can copy and paste this from your Discord profile--it should look like this: "yourhandlename#1234"
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Tell US about your panel. Feel free to include concerns, technical details, setup details, etc.
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A short summary of your panel for the public to view. This will most likely be directly copied into the program, so make it sound good! If your summary is longer than a couple sentences, we may create a shorter version of it for certain platforms.
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What is the rating of your panel? *
Please note that we are a family-friendly event FIRST, and we look to provide that space as much as possible. If your event is above PG-13, your panel will be a late night event, and a volunteer will be carding all audience members before entering.
What are your needs?
We have several rooms designated for panels. They are all located in Purce Hall this year in our lecture rooms. All rooms contain full AV capabilities, but let us know technical needs like how many microphones are needed, we will do our best to provide! If you have any questions, please send them to
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Time Restraints *
Please mention when you are planning to arrive at Chibi Chibi Con and when you are planning to leave. This is to ensure that your panel doesn't occur while you are off campus. (ex: 1:00pm to 7:00pm)
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How long is your panel? *
Give an estimate. If scheduling prohibits the desired length, we will contact you.
Have you held this or a similar panel before? What con was this held at and do you know know the audience size for your panel? *
Please let us know if you had lines out the door, if you've done panels with us before (let us know what panel it was), and whether you do panels or lectures regularly. If this is your first time, you can reply "N/A".
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First Choice: What kind of room space would your panel prefer? *
Note: All these rooms are tiered lecture rooms with full AV capabilities. You may not get your first choice due to first-come-first-serve process, but we hope to be able to cater to everyone's preferences!
Second Choice: What kind of room space would your panel prefer? *
We start public run panels at 12:00pm and they will end at approximately 10:30pm. Your room is chosen based on your answers above. Your time slot is based on your availability and length of the panel. We will do our best to give everybody their first choices, but we have restraints in time and space and this is a first come, first serve application. By clicking "I understand and accept the Terms and Conditions" you are agreeing to abide by all Evergreen campus policies and Chibi Chibi Con policies.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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