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Hi there, I'm Sabrina Clarke-Okwubanego.

You are probably reading this form because you have seen me profile a small business on LinkedIn or Instagram. Maybe someone else saw profiles and sent this form to you or I did. Whichever way, I am glad you are here.

My company Build Global is committed to building businesses that last. As a small business owner, I know the challenges of marketing and visibility that we all face. I wanted to help in my own little way so I decided to use my platforms to support small businesses.

Every Wednesday, I will profile a small business by sharing a brief overview of the business, their social media platform and how people can support. If you would like to have your business profiled, please complete the short form below. That's it. No catch. No small print.

p.s. No, I am not going to be sending you 55 emails once you submit your email address.
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No more than 4 sentences should be provided. I will only post four sentences.
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I only post businesses that have 0-250 employees
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Thank you for completing this short form. I look forward to profiling your business. When your business profile is live, I will @your company by using the social media handles you submitted above. Please note due to the volume of submissions your profile will not be immediate but my commitment is that I will profile your company. Wishing you every success with your business growth.
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