United Asian Advocates-Demands Endorsement
Please use this form to endorse our demands to the University of Cincinnati Administration in their entirety.

Research and data pertaining to each demand can be found on our website as well as Instagram page. Please email us at unitedasianadvocates@gmail.com or ravalai@mail.uc.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

Demand #1: A no-tolerance video or written statement delivered by President Pinto through president@uc.edu email address that addresses the xenophobic and racist incidents that have been incited against Asian-identifying students on campus and beyond and emphasizes that no acts of racism, prejudice, or bias against marginalized identities will be tolerated at the University of Cincinnati.

Demand #2: Implement a university wide, accessible, bias reporting tool moderated by the office of equity and inclusion based on the Arts and Science college model. This tool must be highlighted in the syllabus as well as during all orientations.

Demand #3: Invest time and treasure in the staff at the Office of Ethnic Programs and Services by recruiting, hiring, and retaining a professional who has the experience and expertise to support the growing number of Asian-identifying students and organizations.

Demand #4: Recruit, hire, and retain AT LEAST one qualified individual with experience in working with Asian mental health care and racial trauma at the University of Cincinnati Counseling and Psychological Services to support the well-being of Asian-identifying students.

Demand #5: Develop a mandatory Anti-Racism Training, similar to the the Alcohol Awareness and Sexual Harassment trainings currently required by the University. This mandatory Anti-Racism Training must be completed by ALL incoming university first-years and transfers before starting their academic activities.

Demand #6: Include a Multicultural Center in the Next Lives Here expansion plans to highlight, support, and empower ALL marginalized racial, ethnic, and cultural identities at the University of Cincinnati.

If you do not wish to endorse these please do not hesitate to share your reasoning and with us. The feedback form can be found on our social media and Campuslink page.
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