COVID Can't Stop Us Community Revitalization Campaign - Employee Survey
As an employee at a local company, you have valuable insights that can inform policymakers and identify the resources needed for you and other workers to thrive. Please take a few minutes to share your experiences below. Your responses will inform Elevate Dayton’s COVID Can’t Stop Us community revitalization campaign and may be published on our website.
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Do you currently or have you worked for a woman-, veteran- or minority-owned business in the past two years? Please check all that apply.
Have you changed employers or jobs during the pandemic?
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If yes, please tell us about more about that experience.
As an employee, how has your work changed as a result of the pandemic? We want to hear about the good and the bad.
With 5 = very helpful and 1 = no help at all, please tell us about the community support you sought and received as it relates to sustaining your employment in the past two years.
Did not seek
Church/Faith community
Bank or Credit Union
Local government
State government
Federal government
Please provide a few details about the support you have received and the impact it has had on your ability to do, find or keep your job.
What do you need right now to improve your work life?
What is a good phone number to reach you in case we want to follow up?
What questions would you like to see answered through Elevate Dayton's COVID Can't Stop Us community revitalization campaign? Who else should we talk with?
I understand that my responses, including with my name and that of my business, may be published on Elevate Dayton’s website. *
May we share your responses, minus personally identifiable information, with our partners so they can improve the services they provide to workers?
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Please answer a few biographical questions to help us understand the diversity of workers in our community. This information is voluntary and will not be published. What is your age?
What is your gender?
What is your race/ethnicity?
What are your areas of expertise?
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