Glance by Mirametrix®️ Beta Program User Application
What is the Glance Beta Program?
The goal of the Glance Beta Program is to provide a select group of users with early previews of Glance in order to gather their impressions and feedback. These previews give access to new features and upcoming changes in various states of readiness.

In order to gather feedback on these new features and changes, we may interact with chosen participants by email, via short one-on-one sessions, or ask participants to complete brief feedback forms.
What are the requirements to participate?
We currently limit access to the Glance Beta Program to existing Glance users.

Participants are also required to have a Microsoft Store account to allow the distribution of the Beta builds.
Why do participants need to apply?
We require users to apply for the Glance Beta Program so that we can gather some information about what type of user they are and their interests. Applicants are chosen based on the information they provide. This is an important process for us as we want our participant pool to include all types of users.
What data do we collect?
Basic contact information and PC usage habits. That’s all we need and really care about. You will be able to opt out at any point if you wish.

Our complete privacy policy can be consulted here:

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