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For participants in the Crafting Connected Courses workshop ( please share the URL for the blog you created. We will share the results so you can practice adding each other's blog to their own course hubs.

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Full name, first name, nickname, pseudonym. Just so we know who you are. Or who you tell us you are.
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We wil use twitter a lot, you do not have to, but again, it makes it easier for us to contact you. Like just in case you have won a big prize.
What part do you want to be with in "How the Web Was Won" movie? *
Just to show how you can ask for groups to assign in your aggregation hub. In your own site, of course, you do not have to use these.
Web Address for Your Blog
For the workshop, these should be something like "" Or you can use an existing blog or source with an RSS Feed. The more feeds we have to play with the better!

Before you send us your information, please make sure you have created at least one post on your site, as simple as "Hello Connected Course" or as complex as ... you like. There just needs to be at least one thing for us to look for. Ok?
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Before you go clicking submit, please please pretty please verify that the URL works!
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