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The NO Collective is an Informal, Non-governmental, Not-for profit Organisation.

This means that to ensure our organisation governance is working towards our ethos and aims and objectives it is great to have a membership of people to guide our activities in the right direction.

You will need to read and accept our rules of governance before joining.

ETHOS: When making collective artworks we facilitate using democratic and non-authoritarian process methods.

This means that if we are working with creatives and artists from different professional levels and diciplines, everyone will have the chance to make decisions equally which, in turn strenghens the work experience opportunity and learning of young and emerging creatives but also inspires and breaks pre-conceptive ideas of professionals. Even the work becomes multi-layered - so everyone wins!

This Ethos is kept in mind when introducing young and emerging creatives into professional and commisioned projects.

This openmindedness to learn is the most important pre-cursor in joining The NO Collective.

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Natalie and Joe, The Founders and UK Directors of The NO Collective:
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