Nominate a Guest for the Superpowers for Good Television Show
Learn more about being a guest on Superpowers for Good here. The television show streams on e360tv. Episodes are shared via YouTube and podcast channels as well.

You may use this form to nominate someone else or to volunteer to be a guest on the show.

A select group of past podcasts were featured in the book, "Superpowers for Good." We hope to draw on future episodes for future books. We also produce online courses featuring podcast guests.

Most questions are optional. The more information you provide, the better able we are to consider your nomination.

Please take a few minutes to respond carefully because we want to make this as positive an experience as possible for you! All the information you provided is "on the record" and may be published. We will keep email addresses and phone number confidential unless you tell us otherwise.
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We'd love to know how you define the problem you're out to solve, how you solve it and who it helps.
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