HalfStack Call for Proposals
HalfStack is our relaxed JS + web conference series. We have events planned throughout the year. The CfP is currently open for the following events:

* HalfStack New York, 14th of August, 2020. Up to 270 attendees
* HalfStack Online 2, 21st of August, 2020. Unlimited attendees
* HalfStack Vienna, 18th of September, 2020. Up to 200 attendees
* HalfStack London, 20th of November, 2020. Up to 190 attendees
* HalfStack Phoenix, 15th of January, 2021. Up to 170 attendees
* HalfStack Newquay, 2nd of July, 2021(delayed from 2020 due to COVID-19). Up to 150 attendees

CfP Deadlines:

* HalfStack New York, 30th of April, 2020
* HalfStack Online 2, 30th of June, 2020
* HalfStack Vienna, 31st of May, 2020
* HalfStack London, 30th of June, 2020
* HalfStack Phoenix, 20th of September, 2020
* HalfStack Newquay, 15th of March, 2021

Each event provides a relaxed environment for creative sessions to explore the limits of JavaScript and web engineering. We customize each event to have a local flair that reflects the community in each area. For example, our London event is held in a pub and includes a JavaScript pub quiz for the afterparty, whereas our Phoenix event will be in a theater and include a showing of a retro-tech movie, and our Tel Aviv event will be in a circus theatre.

We're looking for a few amazing speakers for each event to deliver talks up to 30 minutes in duration. HalfStack is a single track conference, so all speakers give talks to the entire audience.  If you have not previously attended one of our events, please watch some videos from previous sessions to get ideas for what works well at HalfStack: https://halfstackconf.com/pastevents/

In our experience, some things that work well:

* Inspiring, informative, and/or interactive sessions
* Impressive demos (audio, video, VR, etc.)
* Humour / humor

Please also review our covid-19 plan: https://medium.com/halfstack-conference-news/revised-halfstack-2020-plan-ceab3fac68a1

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More HalfStack Details
In general, talks that are advanced architecture talks or product vendor pitches are NOT good targets for this event. Neither are talks on how to use a specific technology.

Please keep in mind that we have a very limited number of speaking slots for each event. Please do not be discouraged, we just have very few open slots and many great talk proposals will not be accepted.

We’re open to interesting and unusual sessions, but we’ll also include a few sessions that are introductory as well. Also we hope that possible speakers will be open to suggestions in how their talk might fit in (e.g. if we have two speakers talking about overlapping topics, we’ll do an introduction so that you don’t overlap in talking about the same thing).

We strive for strong speaker diversity while asking that talk proposals focus on topics and ideas that fit in with the HalfStack concept. We also aim for original talks, though we appreciate that strong talk proposals are likely to be accepted at many events.

Note that sponsorship does not influence talk selection. Our committee selects talks based on a number of factors, with the primary goal being an event with a very enjoyable narrative.

If you have videos or abstracts from previous sessions, please share.

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN TWO TALK PROPOSALS. If you're having difficulty deciding on your best topic, please ask a friend for their feedback rather than submitting 10 talk proposals.

We will review talk proposals as they get submitted, so the early bird is favored by our process. We'll make a note here when each event has no more capacity for additional speakers. We strive to provide an individual response to each talk proposal.

If you've already purchased a conference pass, we will either refund your ticket or you may assign your ticket to someone else.

There will be a speaker dinner the night before each even except the online event.

We have a lot of fun with HalfStack, and we expect our speakers to be part of that experience. For example, we invite speakers to contribute questions to our pub quiz, share fun details on social media, participate in interviews, etc. This is all optional, but this is not an event where you show up for your session and then leave, but instead is a great opportunity to participate with the community. Note these guidelines are for our in-person events.
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