Would you like to work with us at Design Beku?
Design Beku (designbeku.in) is a collective that emerged from our desire to explore how technology and design can be decolonial, local and ethical. We work with contexts and collaborators; not clients.

Design Beku was founded in response to mainstream design impulse to “solve” problems for communities, especially through technological interventions that were often irrelevant and unsuited to their context.

At the core our approach is the feminist ethical frame of care —a situated, continuous and collaborative tinkering of matters of concerns, drawing upon empathy as well as solidarity with the communities we work with.

We collaborate with a range of NGOs, community-based organizations, as well as educational & research institutions in different capacities. We offer transdisciplinary expertise across the digital humanities, human-centered design and community archiving, and are happy to work with you on a consultation basis, or a more in-depth engagement.
Is this you?
Volunteering is a strong part of our ethos, and we do take on projects pro-bono but we also understand that we are in this for the long run.
And neither you nor we can work solely on exposure, so yes we want (and want you) to have monies.

If our ethos appeals to you and you have skills you believe will benefit the collective, we would love to hear from you.
We love people who make things (for themselves and others)
and that title may not necessarily be -designer, illustrator, film maker, lawyer.

Join us!
What happens to your data?
Design Beku works on projects that deals with policy making for how data is collected, stored, who has access and for how long.
The intent of collecting your responses is for :
-Seeing how our collective is forming with you, which means if you opt out, we will make attempts to remove you from our list.
-We do not sell data about you to others, but understand that this is a Google form and they might do so in their own way.
-We will not break the consent with which you've shared your responses, by using your data in unfair means.
-If you have second thoughts about submitting your entries here, you may contact us and ask for your responses to be forgotten and your data to be removed.
-If you'd like to collaborate with us but are not sure about the way this survey uses your responses, feel free to write to us at
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