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This is a Non-fluid exchange Fetish Shoot always planned to your comfort! 
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*Provide an Alias or Stage name if you’d prefer not to disclose yet. Legal name WILL be required on the day of the shoot when presenting ID and signing the contract*
 Date of Birth (Must be 18 or older) *
You understand that this content is sexual in nature and can be classified as pornography by some sites? *
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Do you have previous experience in sex work? (Any 18+ Content applies, please list if so.) *
What do you identify with most? *
What style(s) are you most comfortable dominating in? 
What are you comfortable wearing? Select all that apply: *
How are you comfortable with the male talent presenting himself? (Select all that apply) *
*There will be NO fluid exchange or sex involved ever.*
What other methods of ballbusting/torture are you comfortable with? Select below. *
Are you comfortable with scenes in which you’re touched by the male performer? If yes, select how you’re comfortable. (Select all that apply)
Are you comfortable with Foot Fetish content? (Select all that apply)
Are you comfortable with Facesitting Domination content?  *
Do you have any Hard Limits for filming? (Please list) *
You understand that this performance can be physically demanding, requiring some cardio and sometimes resulting in redness and even light bruising on your feet and legs. *
Will you be needing transportation to the shoot? *
Will you be accompanied by a guest NOT involved in the shoot? (If "yes", they will need to sign a form and present ID once here.) *
What days work best for you to film? *
What time of day works best? *
What type of shoot/compensation are you looking for? *
Type of Shoot:

Paid Shoot: You will be paid the discussed rate for a shoot. 

Content Trade: 50/50 split on exclusive content for each of us, No other compensation. 

*Any other agreements can be discussed through your method of contact*
Are you comfortable being tagged in Beast’s Cage content on social media? *
You understand that in accordance with U.S. Code § 2257, I will need copies of Photo ID. *
Additional Comments or Concerns?
-This is neither an official contract nor a guaranteed booking. If you are cast for the shoot, we can discuss payment and an official date/time via your selected method of contact.
-If you are selected, you will sign this form along with a separate contract on the day of the shoot to confirm this information is up to date and accurate before filming.
-If you are not selected, any of your information collected will be discarded.
-When organizing the shoot, responses must come within 24 hours, otherwise I will assume you are no longer interested and pursue other bookings.
-Please note that in the event of a cancellation, a policy must have been discussed prior in order to receive any type of payment.
-The day of the shoot you will be signing this form physically to acknowledge you agree to everything you have stated above. If your preferences or boundaries change at the last minute, I reserve the right to modify the length/pay of the shoot or cancel the booking all together. 
Thank you for your time!
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