Long Island Welding School Registration
Please fill out these forms to register for classes at Long Island Welding School. When you are complete, please call us with a deposit at 516-997-8586 or you can visit our school.
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Guidelines & Information
Below, please view all of the guidelines that must be followed while attending classes at Long Island Welding School.

1. No contact lenses can be worn during class.
2. A welding helmet, welding gloves, non-flammable leather welding jacket & work boots are all required to take classes. Feel free to visit - Clinton Welding, 40 Jericho Turnpike, Jericho NY. Phone: 516-334-1377, to purchase all of these items.
3. You must call us in the event that you will miss class, if not you will forfeit your time.
4. If you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will cancel your class for that day and you will forfeit your time.
5. A $200 deposit is required when you sign up. If you sign up online, you must call us with a credit card number or bring the deposit to our school. Even if your paperwork is submitted, your registration WILL NOT be complete WITHOUT the deposit.
6. Cash is the only form of payment accepted on your start date. A credit card may only be used for a deposit ($200).
7. Course price is $2,500 per 6 week course, which is payable in FULL on your start date in CASH. No payment plans are available.
8. AWS Testing fee is $1,600 which is separate from your course costs ($2,500). The test fee must be paid in FULL on your test date in CASH.
9. Welding is a dirty & dangerous job! We are not responsible for any types welding related injuries or illness i.e.: Heat Exhaustion, Flash, Burns. etc.
10. You will be working in a REAL welding shop. Temperatures can reach 100+ degrees during the summer months. We encourage short breaks & increased water intake. We are not responsible for heat related injuries or illness.

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I understand all of the above guidelines and information provided to me. I plan to follow all guidelines while attending class at Long Island Welding School. *
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