WMCAtv Application 2021
Fill out the following application if you would like to be part of the WMCAtv homeroom morning announcements team..
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You must submit a teacher recommendation form filled out by one of your teachers at Mays. Print the form below or ask Dr. Marsh for a hard copy.
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If you need a printed copy of this form see Dr. Marsh.
Being a member of the WMCAtv team is a privilege. You must be willing and ready to represent WMCAtv, in a positive light through all of your actions in and out of school. Why do you feel this is important. Explain. *
Being a part of WMCAtv requires you to be in the broadcasting studio by 7:05 school mornings. *
I understand that if I am selected to be in the WMCAtv homeroom, I will be a positive and active member working towards make the show great. If I do not show that I am making the effort, I will be removed from the WMCAtv homeroom. *
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