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Welcome to the Marketplace of Ideas!
The “Marketplace of Ideas” at the ECRT2021 is an opportunity for innovative, out-of-the-box, or challenging tourism initiatives related with the Service Design in Rural Tourism from Europe and the rest of the world to showcase their experience. We look for consolidated examples that work in reality, but do not exclude ongoing projects and initiatives if they open new perspectives.

Simply introduce your case below.

NOTE: cases can be presented until 25th-September-2021. Deadline for cases to be selected for plenary is 15th-August-2021.
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Please provide here all relevant TECHNICAL data such as: localization of the experience (country, region, province, municipality); area and population affected; duration (since when); who had the initial idea, who implemented; financial sources; etc.
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Which were the OBJECTIVES regarding e.g. economy, employment, culture, identity, environment, human resources, ... Quantify if possible
Implementation process *
Describe the IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS of your experience - how and who it started, constraints, development phases, cooperation with other persons or entities, public-private relations, etc.
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Shortly describe the RESULTS of your experience (both success and failure)
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What are the "lessons learned" from this experience that could be useful for others that have a similar idea?
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Please keep in mind that the information you provided here is provisional. For including your experience into the congress documentation, we may request additional information, or ask you to fill in a standard template that assures a common structure. This allows for comparing all cases along the same criteria.
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