Speak at a London Clojurian meetup
We run a monthly talk night on the second Tuesday of every month at SkillsMatter and would love to have you submit a talk. We are aiming to plan at least 1 month in advance, so please submit your talks even if you are not available just yet.

We are looking for any Clojure related topics and love to have experience reports, live coding, core language features, experiences with libraries, repl driven development, any kind of testing, tooling tips & tricks or integration with other libraries & platforms.

Talk nights typically have a main talk of 40 minutes to 1 hour, with one or more short talks preceding that. We start the evening at 6.30pm and wrap up by 8pm.

Talks are organised by a member of the London Clojurians via the https://trello.com/b/hcMfjfJJ/ldnclj-event-planning-board and the organisers will contact you about your submissions as they plan events.

If you would like to sponsor food or drinks or even take the attendees to a bar afterwards, please contact the organisers in advance so we can promote the sponsorship.

The organisers for London Clojurians can be reached via london-clojurians-organisers@googlegroups.com

Your talk title, description and bio/profile details will be published on the London Clojurians meetup.com site as well as the SkillsMatter website. By submitting a talk you agree to abide by the SkillsMatter Code of Conduct - https://skillsmatter.com/go/code-of-conduct

Please note: January talk night may be moved to later in the month if it is too close to returning from New Year holidays. Similarly, the December talk night may be moved or cancelled if clashing with ClojureX conference

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When writing your title and abstract, consider how well it describes what you are going to cover. Please be quite specific in your description so attendees know what to expect.

We also recommend a bio or profile description of you. This can be a short line or more detailed overview. Please include any channels you would be happy for people to contact you at, eg. twitter, linkedin, google+, etc.

If you would like to discuss your talk suggestion before you submit, please contact the organisers via london-clojurians-organisers@googlegroups.com

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