Member Bulk Orders
One of the benefits of membership that The Mustard Seed provides to our members is a simple bulk ordering system.

1. First, fill out this form with the details of what you would like to order in larger quantities than we typically stock in the store - either a case lot of a particular item, a bushel of produce, or large bags of something from our bulk section.

2. We will then review your request and get in touch via email to clarify any details, identify price and anticipated date that your items will be in the store, and confirm your order. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC!

3. We will have a special space in the store for member bulk order pick up, so you can pick up your order with your name on it and take it to the checkout to pay. Member bulk orders are discounted 15% off the current price - including sale prices - so you can find real savings*. Please email if you have any other questions.
(*note: the 15% discount for bulk orders is calculated as 2% Co-op Credits + 13% discount at the checkout)

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For example: "Rolled Oats - Oak Manor - 12kg bag - Organic" or "Semi-sweet chocolate chips - unknown brand - 5kg - Organic / fair trade if possible" Note: we cannot take orders for refrigerated Dairy at this time.
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This saves us a lot of time so that we can quickly confirm & place your order!
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