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“Uncertain, hypertense and apocalyptic beyond measure, one minute is all you get to make your mark.”

Yuvaan’19 presents an all-round entertainer-The Longest Minute-an extempore speech event lasting a whole(or mere?) 60 seconds! Here’s your chance to express your ideas without hesitation, repetition, or deviation fluently to the JAM master and the panel. You’ll have to fight tooth and nail because it’s a war and you only get a single chance!

Rules and Regulations:

JUDGING CRITERIA : Content, Creativity, Fluency, Spontaneity, Diction, Wit, Humor, Relevance, Originality and Linguistic Proficiency.

1. Participants are divided into groups of 5 members each.
2. They will be given a topic and have to speak on it for one minute in English without any hesitation, repetition or deviation.
3. Other panellists can challenge the speaker if he/she commits any of the following mistakes :-
a) Stammers or indulges in time wasting tactics ( use of words like “uhh” ,”ahh” etc).
b) Either starts early or late.
c) Speaks too fast or too slow.
d) Makes a grammatical error.
e) Gives undue stress to a word or phrase.
f) Makes repetition of previously used word or idea.
g) Violates the random rules set by the JAM Master.
4. A panellist will score a point if the challenge is proved correct and he/she will start speaking for the remainder of the minute or until he/she is successfully challenged.
5. In case the challenge is deemed incorrect the speaker will get a point and he/she will continue speaking .
6. The person speaking at the moment the whistle blows (after 60 seconds) also scores a point.
7. An extra point will awarded if a panelist speaks for the entire minute.
8. The participant with the highest score from each group will move to the next round.
9. Random variations can be introduced on the spot before each round by the JAM master.
10.The JAM Master's decision will be final and binding.

Date- 17 January 2019
Venue- Delhi Technological University

Registration Fee- ₹ 50/- per person
Prizes worth ₹15k to be won

For queries, contact :
Prateek Verma

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