Tattoo Inquiry: Fall 2021

I am currently booking October/November at my licensed private studio in NE Portland OR.

#1: Pre-drawn / flash designs only; I am not taking on any more custom projects for the rest of the year.
#2: I am not currently booking unvaccinated people.

**Standard rate**
- $100/hr ($100 minimum)

**Discounted rates**
- BIPOC: $80/hr
- Industry: $85/hr (retail, cannabis, food service, public education, nonprofits, healthcare)
- $100 minimum still applies
- I do not select clients based on rate, you can let me know as late as the day of if you qualify for a discounted rate

- If your requested design is still available, I will confirm by email and send you deposit instructions
- $40 deposit + proof of vaccination to secure the appointment
- Once a deposit and proof of vaccination is received, I will respond ASAP to book your appointment

Final payment can be made day of through Venmo, Cash app, or real cash. I can provide time and cost estimates once design/location/size are confirmed.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to working with you!
- Paul (@pdv)
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