Nordic and Baltic Travel Workshop 7.9 - 8.9.2020 in Hongkong and Guangzhou for Suppliers
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Thank You for your interest participating in Baltic Sea Travel Workshop 7.9 - 8.9.2020 in Hongkong and Guangzhou! Baltic Sea means to us countries such as Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and Western part of Russia (f.ex. St.Petersburg and Moscow)

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The final registration date is 31.05.2020.

Your data will be delivered as Suppliers' Manual to Buyers attending at the workshop. Also you are going to get Buyers' Manual who are attending at the event.

Buyers are coming from the Hongkong and Quangdong province where Guangzhou is the capital.

Event 7.9.2020 in Hongkong
Place: Cordis Hotel, 555 Shanghai St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Venue: Shantung Room II
1300 - 1800 hour Seminar with meetings with the buyers, catering service

Event 8.9.2020 in Guangzhou
Place: White Swan Hotel, 1 Shamian S St, Liwan, Guangzhou
Venue: Not specified yet
Time: 10.00 – 15.00 hour Seminar with meetings with the buyers, catering service.

Price: 790 euros/each city/1 person, additional person is 150 euros/each city/1 person
It is possible to attend also only in one destination.
VAT 24 % is added where applicable.

Price includes: workshop event(s), Buyers' Manual, catering, ToolBox services. For Guangzhou workshop there is additionally train ticket Hongkong - Guangzhou - Hongkong included to the price package.

Price doesn't include: travel and accommodation costs in/out Hongkong and Guangzhou, visa costs, freight expenses

For more information please contact Mr. Kari Halonen, or call +358 50 375 1328.
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