Ask Arachnologists
Ever had a question about spiders, scorpions, or other arachnids? This is your chance to get answers from the experts.

From Feb 10th-15th, scientists from around the world are meeting for the 21st International Congress of Arachnology - and this year, we are taking questions from the public.

Anything goes - from the basics (what makes an arachnid an arachnid?) to the specific (how many nerve endings are there in the copulatory organs of male spiders?)! I (and other arachnid enthusiasts) will interview our fellow scientists, and ask them your questions. After the conference, we will share their answers with you via Twitter and blog posts.

Feel free to ask more than one question, and to share this event with others using #AskArachnologists and

Ask Arachnologists is a program run by Sebastian Echeverri ( and other arachnid enthusiasts. For updates, follow @spiderdaynight on Twitter and keep an eye on #AskArachnologists.

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