Information for Rover Map
Good day Crew Reps,

The National Rover Council(NRC) Relations Team is currently doing a review on our website (

We have decided that it would be a good idea to include an interactive Google map that shows the location(base) of all the rover crews. This will help facilitate non-scouts who are interested in joining Rovering in finding their first crew.

You can view the sample map here:

Information that would be featured are;
Name of Group:
Website(can be facebook page):
Contact: (email or contact person or HP numb)
Recruitment: Open/Closed/Conditional
Picture to be featured: (Group logo would be most desired)

As such, may i kindly request some information that would be featured on the map :)

Please contact me should there be any clarifications.

Emmanuel Phua
Relations Secretary
NRC 2017
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Website(eg facebook page) (if any)
Email address to contact your crew
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