YingHua Chinese Program Registration Form 英华中文课程注册表 2020-2021
Special Notice For Parents and Students!
1. The very first question "Email address" below collects the email address that will be used as the primary contact email for your registration.
2. Please make sure that you clicked the "Submit" button to complete the registration process.
3. After submission, please check your email for a conformation email of registration before closing the submission page. If you doesn't see the confirmation email, it's very likely that your submitted email address contains some errors. Please follow the "Edit Your Response" link in your submission page to revise your registration information.
4. One registration form is needed for each student.


1. 注册表的第一个问题所填写的邮件地址,将作为您的主要联系方式。
2. 请确保注册结束时点击了“Submit”按钮提交注册表。
3. 提交注册表之后,请不要立即关闭提交页面。成功提交后,您的邮箱将收到一封注册成功的确认邮件。请检查并确认收到了确认邮件,再关闭注册页面。如果没有收到邮件,您很有可能提交了错误的邮件地址。请在提交页面点击“Edit Your Response”,检查所填写的电子邮件地址是否正确。
4. 需要为每个注册的学生提交一份注册表。
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关于2020-2021学年的特殊通知 Special Notice for 2020-2021 School Year

In-person classes may be impacted by the pandemic during the 2020-2021 school year. We currently plan to offer all courses online. If the situation gets better and all schools operate normally, we'll consider in-person courses.

A special option for online classes is offered for Grade 7 to 10. These classes won't move to in-person teaching even after the school opens in the future, and the time for classes will be jointly decided by the teacher and registered students for that class.
Student Info 学生信息
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Student Chinese Name 学生中文名
Student Email Address 学生邮件
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Home Address & Contact Info 家庭住址与联系方式
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Adult learners please write your own name.
Secondary Guardian 其他监护人
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