EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador Application
The EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors are young environmental leaders ages 14-22 from across the United States. Through their role, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of water quality and lead members of their community through the water quality monitoring process. Ambassadors will impact the EarthEcho Water Challenge by expanding the program into their community and increasing awareness of the importance of water quality testing and water conservation. The EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors is an initiative coordinated by EarthEcho International’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC).

In 2018, EarthEcho will select the inaugural class of EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors through a competitive application process. Applications for the Program will be accepted through March 1, 2019. All applicants for the program should:
- be between the ages of 14-22 at the time of application;
- be a resident of the United States;
- demonstrate an interest in water quality and youth leadership;
- have some experience working collaboratively with youth and adults;
- desire to participate in the EarthEcho Water Challenge and lead water monitoring events in their own community;
- and have strong written and verbal communication skills in the English language.

In order to complete the online application, you will need to answer the following questions to share additional information about yourself, your interest in the work of the EarthEcho Water Challenge, and your views on the importance of water quality testing. Answers should be provided digitally in the video format of your choosing and should not exceed 4 minutes in recorded length. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video. Please include "EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador Application" in the title of your video. You will be asked to submit a link to view the video when completing the online application. Alternatively, you may choose to submit written answers to these questions with a maximum of 250 words per answer. We encourage you to complete and upload your video to YouTube or save your written responses in a separate document before starting the online application.

1. Tell us about yourself.
2. Why do you want to be an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador?
3. Share an example of a time where you have shown leadership in your community.
4. How would you encourage your peers to join you in water quality monitoring? What are some steps you would take to recruit participants to help with your efforts?
5. Why does water quality matter to you?

To apply to be an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador, please complete the application form and video submission below by 11:59 pm EST on March 1, 2019

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