Vendor Application for 2020 Poe Fest International
**** UPDATE: Poe Fest International will be held as scheduled, October 3 & 4, 2020, but the format will be quite different in deference to social distancing. There may not be traditional festival grounds staged at Poe House this year—we are still waiting to see how the COVID-19 emergency will change public events. However, the festival will be a hybrid event, with majority live segments broadcast and/or presented virtually online. Recorded content will also be presented through the entire month of October, effectively extending the festival until Halloween.  Our intention is to create a virtual experience to compliment the festival or to take its place entirely if necessary.

Vendors who participate will be given space in our virtual vendor hall on the website, with links directly to your online store, plus promotion via our social media channels from September 1 thru October 31. This means that vendors who wish to participate should have digital sales capability (online store or sales website, ability to fulfill and ship sales, social media links) to be most effective.

The vendor fee to participate virtually is $125 and will earn you a 10% discount if you return for the 2021 Festival.***

The third annual International Edgar Allan Poe Festival and Awards (Poe Fest International) is a public event featuring Poe-themed performances, art, vendors and food, celebrating Poe’s influence and legacy in the arts. Baltimore is the city where Poe was first recognized for his writing talents, and it is his final resting place. No other city embraces Poe like Baltimore, and we want to share and celebrate his legacy in Baltimore and beyond!

Poe Fest International is seeking vendors, performers, writers/booksellers, artisans and programming with historical and/or artistic connection to Edgar Allan Poe’s life or works. We define “connection” as works either adapting or inspired by Poe. To apply, please complete the application and provide a description of your offerings; tell us how the work is inspired by Poe or significant to Poe’s life/history.  We encourage creators from diverse backgrounds to apply. Please note: Festival is open to all-ages. Vendor offerings with gothic or mature themes are permitted, however vendor placement is at the discretion of festival staff.

If chosen, all vendors will be asked to provide a 3 to 5-minute pre-recorded promotional video showcasing objects in your store or portions of your performance (readings, musical performance, etc.)

Vendors may also propose a longer video demonstration (optional):

A. 30-minute pre-recorded segment or performance (i.e. instruction or demonstration, musical or dramatic performance.) Any performances requiring coordinated sound or music should be limited to this 30-minute pre-recorded format to ensure quality.


B. An interactive 60-minute livestream program (via Zoom webinar) where live participants can comment and ask questions as you present, demonstrate, perform, etc. This longer program should be truly interactive, performative or demonstrative, rather than an extended sales pitch. You may create a pre-recorded segment as part of the program and then spend the rest of the presentation interacting  with the live audience.
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