My Device, My Learning Parent Survey
My Device My Learning is an initiative undertaken by Armstrong High/Salisbury Middle which focuses on students bringing personal smart devices into the learning environment in order to enhance the learning opportunities for each student.

The following parent survey will help guide the direction of the Armstrong High/Salisbury Middle Information Communication Technology (ICT)Team with information around student readiness.

Staples Office Depot will be at Armstrong High/Salisbury Middle the during Parent Teacher Interviews in order to discuss a program that was set up to support the My Device My Learning initiative.

Thank you for taking the time in filling out this survey as it will provide the Technology Committee with very valuable information.

How many students from grades 5-12 live in your home? *
Please indicate the homeroom class of each student in your household. *
Do you have a computer, smart phone or tablet that your son/daughter could use at school for classroom work? *
If yes, what type of device is available?
If your son/daughter does not have a device capable of accessing wireless internet (laptop, smartphone, tablet), would you be willing to purchase one? *
Would you be interested in a purchase to own arrangement through a local company?
Are you aware that current student IPads within the school belong to the complex Equity Plan, for the purpose of use by students whom cannot afford to purchase a personal smart device for school purposes. *
Approximately how often do you or your children access the school website *
Many of the teachers within the building have websites dedicated to classroom resources. Approximately how often do you or your children access teacher websites? *
The use of technology by students in the learning process is essential *
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