Ken Tamai Memorial Judo Championships Event Registration
Event Timing: Saturday, March 16, 2019
Event Address: DeMatha Catholic High School, 4318 Madison St, Hyattsville, MD 20781
Contact us at 703-622-6861 (Kevin), 301-537-5836 (Kurt)

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Complete Entry Package Includes:

1. Entry form information (Google Forms or PDF Form)
2. Payment (Paypal, check via mail, check onsite, credit card onsite. NOTE: any onsite payments will be charged the late registration fees)
3. Signed Certificate Regarding Non--Black Belt Contestant(mail, text, or email) or email approval from your Sensei
4. Signed Waiver (mail, text, or email)
5. Copy of your USA Judo, USJA, USJF, or ATJA membership card (mail, text, or email)

Questions - Call or Send Text to Kevin Tamai at (703)622-6861
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