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Thanks for your interest in ReUSE! Please fill out this form to let us know how you would like to get further involved with the club. If you have any questions, email us at or check

Members of all committees volunteer at the store and events! Committees are roughly a 1hr per week commitment, and are flexible depending on your schedule.
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Store Committee
As a member of the store committee, you will:
 - Shape the face of ReUSE through our store in MLK
 - Decorate!
 - Keep track of store inventory
 - Clean and tidy the store
 - Maximize store organization and set-up

Stations Committee
As a member of the stations committee, you will:
 - Regularly check on ReUSE stations around campus
 - Make sure stations are clean and well-stocked
 - Increase awareness of what the ReUSE stations are
 - Decorate the stations and improve signs around them

Events Committee
As a member of the events committee, you will:
 - Increase visibility of ReUSE and sustainability with fun events
 - Brainstorm ideas for new events
-  Reach out to other organizations to have events promoting ReUSE
 - Organize, plan, and carry out various events with your team
 - Coordinate event planning and promotion with other members

Marketing Committee
As a member of the marketing committee, you will:
 - Spread awareness throughout the community
 - Create and distribute promotional flyers
 - Update and maintain social media platforms
 - Recruit new members and customers
Repair Committee
As a member of the repair committee, you will:
 - Learn or get better at sewing
 - Apply your sewing skills towards fixing items dropped off for repair
 - Help at clothing repair workshops for students
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You can always send us comments anonymously at, but if you have any ideas or comments for ReUSE right now, let us know here!
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