Concert Band October 25 Make-Up
You may either complete and submit this form or type up a separate document that addresses the same topics. You need to watch/listen to the video files posted at for the performance then complete a review.

Your grade will be based on the quality and substance of your review...not just for completing it. Your review should evaluate the performance, not just provide a play-by-play of what is happening. You should use the vocabulary we use in class to address things like tone, balance, blend, dynamics, articulation, etc. Your review should be written in complete sentences in more of an "essay" format...not bulleted sentence fragments or in the style you would type a text. This is a makeup for a performance...the amount of thought put into your review should make it have some length and substance. You may want to type up answers in a word processing program in order to make edits and spell check easier...then paste into the fields of this form and just submit the original document by email or as a hard copy you have printed. Make sure you click on submit when you are done if you use this form.

This form or the typed review must be submitted by Thursday, November 7 at 4:00 pm. If you type the review, send it to

If you have trouble accessing the audio files, contact Mr. Coughlin.
Student name (first last) *
Describe at least 4 aspects of the performance of the National Anthem and OSHS Fight Song by the combined bands...either effective or ineffective. Explain in detail using appropriate music vocabulary. *
Although video of the Lights Out show is not as good as it is live, what is your general impression of it from watching? *
What purpose do you think the Lights Out show serves? *
Why do you think high schools have marching bands as a part of things at home football games? Try to think of a few different aspects. *
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