I would get the coach to the festival if there was one near me.....

As part of our Sustainable Transport Initiative, we need to discourage people driving to the event in cars and vans, in favour of shared coaches and minibuses. It's better for the environment by reducing emissions and better for us as a festival as it's really really expensive and complicated to deal with all the vehicles that come nowadays.

We will be gradually increasing the parking costs of cars and vans for all crew and attendees. We have earmarked all the money generated from this to subsidise alternative and sustainable transport options and incentives. Once we've paid the parking marshals, hired the field, put down all that heavy and ludicrously expensive temporary road stuff, we will use what is left to give people cash back on their tickets for not driving and to subsidise coaches. These coaches won't be free but will be below cost price.

However, we need feedback from attendees so we know from where and when people would take the coach. It is tricky for a medium sized event to guess where to put on coaches. Be an Ambassador... chat to your mates, post on local groups, gather a crew together and we will lay on a coach for you. Help Us Help You to Help Reduce Emissions.

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I love this idea and I am willing to be an Ambassador and coordinate a group of people to organise a coach. We will find a convenient location and time for us all to meet with our equipment and share a coach/minibus. I understand we need at least 10 people to make this economically viable and that the festival will subsidise this and make it less than cost price for us.
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