Quality Customer
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This pillar has two 7 steps to solve problems 7QC and 7 QM . *
5's is one of most important tools in this pillar. *
QA matrix is the compass for the QC pillar. *
In order to prioritize the most important quality problem we need to determine frequency, internal and external cost the quality problem, detection and severity. *
The 7 steps of QC are used to determine a machine quality problem. *
5W + 1H is an important tool to define the quality problem *
LPA is an important tool to evaluate the compliance to the standards *
QA network helps to implement filters on the production line to assure the quality sent to the customer is defect-free. *
Error proofing control is the highest filter that we can implement on the work station *
Sensorial inspection at 100% is the best filter that we can put in the work station to protect the customer. *
Quality gate is a tool to eliminate the repetitive human errors on the production line. *
QG could be closed when human errors are zero. *
Occurrence and release are a preventive and proactive tools of the QC pillar. *
The rainbow chart for O&R has different criteria for critical issues and esthetic issues *
Supplier table only makes evident part quality problems coming from production line. *
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