Community Inventory of Offerings and Requests
We are compiling an inventory of offerings and requests of the HOURs community. Please fill out the survey to let us know what you are offering or asking. Be creative and be generous! This information will be available for print and online! It will be emailed to our members and supporters.  

By fully completing this form, you are signing up to become an HOUR Exchange Member... per the agreements listed at For example, you agree to take full or partial payment in HOURs. You can also offer things for free!

See the website for full details, particularly the recommendations on how to handle exchanges and trades without breaching the personal distance guidelines.

Questions? Call or text 541.224.7752
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An offering can be anything you are willing to take HOURs for full or partial payment. Or something you are offering for Free.  
Please create only one offering per question. You can create more offerings or requests than allowed here by completing this form multiple times.
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During this time of crisis, the HOUR Exchange has waived the membership fee. But, don't let that spoil your generosity! Please give where you can and check all that apply. Thank you.
If you want to donate HOURS you can also choose to not receive the stimulus package.  
Getting involved and connected will have people find out about what you are offering. We encourage you to choose some of the following:
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